What Is Spirituality?? Look Here!

Sprituality, What is spirituality, Spirituality Meaning, Spirituality definition, Livealot.pro


Sprituality, What is spirituality, Spirituality Meaning, Spirituality definition, Livealot.pro

SPIRITUALITY    A word made from Spirit. Spirit (आत्मा ) — Which relates to soul.

What you are without the soul??

Soul does refer to Life.

And Spirit Refers to Living Force Inside you.

The soul, as with the spirit, is the center of many spiritual & emotional experiences (Job 30:25; Psalm 43:5; Jeremiah 13:17).

And spirituality is the analysis of everything that corners the soul “All your experiences.”

It is a way to the discovery of self.  

                                                       “Who you are?  What do you want?” 

You are so much lost; what everyone wants is what you want. You don’t know what you truly want in your life

We are so much influenced by the outside factors that we have got far away from our true selves too.

“Spirituality is a way back to the true you”

★ Spirituality involves the observation of life which leads to Self-Knowledge, Wisdom, Rich Understanding of life and Better Relations.

It is a way to personal exploration too. Because what others can’t tell about you and something even you don’t know about yourself can only be explored on a spiritual path. 

Spirituality helps you in realizing the possibilities of life. These possibilities turn to opportunities and a complete new way to life.

Financial Freedom, Freedom to act, Freedom in thoughts, you can acquire in the material world.

Freedom of Soul can be acquired only on the spiritual path

Meditation lays the base for your spiritual journey. It leads to increased consciousness. It is consciousness with which you start experiencing everything in your life.

To Live is to create Experiences not only Memories.                                                           Life is to be Lived not just to Go Through   Yash

For the New Heights of Spirituality, Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here.

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