Who Knows Life will be there or not. Why not Today?

That someday which never comes in your life -

            We Think!

  • Someday “We will be Happy”
  • Someday “We will Go out”
  • Someday “We will watch the movie”
  • Someday “We will Enjoy & Have Fun”
  • Someday..
  • Someday…

That Someday Which Never Comes In Your Life.

The reason remains for this someday is you want to accomplish something in life 1st in order to enjoy life itself.

Now why this someday never comes? Because as soon as you accomplish something there is something else to accomplish. And the things you love to do are always in your waiting list.

Life is too short to put those things you love to do on a waiting list. At some level, you must keep pursuing those little things that make you happy.

Schedule things that makes you feel alive. And you start enjoying being ‘just being’, and the way life already is.

Isn’t it your ultimate aim that you enjoy the life the way it is? But Someday. Right.

“Someday” that’s always been fleeting.


If you are not enjoying your life today chances are pretty much that you never will reason being it’s just your outlook that you need something and someday to celebrate, party, & enjoy!

It’s just a matter of fact of realization that the time you enjoy counts in life. The moment you realize it deeply you start creating that time irrespective of other things in life.

Be able to enjoy moments in life is a big success in itself.

People are dwelling so much in past and the future that present is sliding right in front of their eyes.

If you have not lived in present you have not lived at all. Present is the only place where you can actually live. There is like no other place where you can live. By live I mean “to live”.

Take some time out for the things you love to do Today not Tomorrow.

Because one day you may look back sitting on the achievements in life missing a component of life I call life. Pursue everything you want in life but without missing life.                                                                                                                You don’t need hours to enjoy. A few moments out here and there to feel the life that you have and enjoy your being is enough at times.

Keeping fun time a part of your plan will make all the plan work out better.

You must accomplish things enjoying life. It’s like making your journey better.

Life is a Journey to go through

Not a Destination to be reached.

In life there is nothing like a place you ever reach. It’s all how much you enjoy your journey.

Hit some pause button in life. Look around, enjoy being, enjoy things you love to do. Get back to work.

Again “Hit the pause button. Look around, enjoy being, enjoy things you love to do. Again get back to your work.

In this way you create a fine balance in life where you accomplish things enjoying life.

                        So Friends Hit it Now

                 “Pause Button”   &   “Live A Lot”