Sleep plays a very significant role in our life & we often don’t pay attention to its quality. 

Importance of quality sleep

One third part of your life goes in sleep i.e. of 8 hrs out of 24 hrs. But you tend to forget that these 8 hrs determine the quality of rest 16 hours of your day and you put sleep at last priority; after fun, after work, & after everything.

Sometimes I feel it’s not your fault too because in any motivational video only thing shown is to put sleep at bay; cut down your sleep 1st if you want to succeed in life. Worst part is you don’t argue.

You think cutting down sleep will increase the amount of work done. What about the quality of work, & performance? If not in 1 day then definitely over a period of time performance decreases, health deteriorates, & you wonder what is happening in life.

And I ask you “Do you already utilize the 16 hrs of your day very well?”.     If answer is no then work on to organize these 16 hours 1st instead of cutting down the sleep.

Ask yourself      “What if I am not Healthy and Happy in life?”.           It makes no point of achievements in life if you lack health & happiness. Sleep impacts your Health & also your Happiness.

See what happens during sleep:

  • New brain cells are formed and all the dead cells are flushed out of your brain.
  • Memory consolidation takes place during sleep.
  • Body muscle growth and tissue repair take place during sleep.

Sleep is the time where your body & brain recharges to take on the next day. And so

Start every next day with a well rested body and mind.

~ Yash Gupta

You are not taking a sound sleep when you are:

  1. Not justifying the needed no of hours of sleep.
  2. Not having the fixed time for sleep bcz it sets biological clock.
  3. Sticking to mobile, t.v., laptop, till the last moment of sleep.
  4. Sleeping with either worries of day or worries of tomorrow.

Believe me “Sleep is very vital for a happy living”. So start doing justice to it and within few days you will see better composure in life, raised energy level, & overall well-being.

Remember: “It’s not only about no of hours you spend on bed but also about the quality of your sleep in order to feel refreshed.”

“Think about 1 simple step you can take today to make your sleep better.”

In upcoming posts you will see some practical approaches to improve your “Sleep” as well as “Quality of Life”.

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