• Do you sit to study and get lost in thoughts?
  • Do you sit to study and very quickly move to something distracting, Fb, Youtube?
  • Or even when you spent so much time on study table, you end up getting only a little work done?
  • Or a tough problem during solving easy ones becomes the breaking point in your study?

                                                    **Or This thing Happens to You**  

1 thing that distracts us the most when we have to get things done is a distracting thought, it’s never the FB, Twitter, Youtube or Anything else but it’s A Thought. 

  1. You think of FB, and you move to it.
  2. You think of Youtube, and you move to it.
  3. You think of anything, and you move to it.

Your true distractions have always remain thoughts.

On the other hand, a thought can do keep you on a table and let you keep working with full energy if it’s a thought of purpose. If you are able to think on why you are doing that you are doing while doing that thing, you will be glued to your work.

Though there is no limit upto which you can be highly focused. As Nascar Racers have to maintain their focus for 5 hours in a 140 degree Fahrenheit cockpit, a single flinch can take their life. But it is about their life, so they maintain it. As I said, Purpose. 

But to have the same ability to focus without any purpose is do important because the quality of everything that you will be doing in your life will be improved. 

You can’t have purpose for everything you do but quality of everything that you do matters”

1. You spend Hours and then work never comes out in the same proportion. You can compare it with your efficiency while studying 2 hours before semester exam or your working with the deadline.  What if that remains your efficiency every time you work.

   And why not to think about it. Because the amount of time you are spending is the same every time But output is varying time to time. 

2. The another point is Neither you Enjoyed Nor the Work get Completed for being not focused. Why you didn’t manage to enjoy, diverted, distracted to other things.                        Bcz somewhere you knew that you have to do the work and that didn’t let you free. And so those Youtube videos or anything you do never makes really fun.

To Change These Things
What you all need is a Timer and Knowing that you have to stay on 1 thing only, for 10 mins.

Here for 10 minutes, 2 purposes you have to aim.

1. To not to “Think” or “Do” anything else other than that you are sitting for.

2. Keeping Clarity in mind of the work that you have to do. 

Initially you will start catching your wandering thoughts. With the catch of those thoughts, sooner you will be able to focus because you will know where exactly the problem is ‘where your attention is going’ and you have a simple aim to keep your attention just for 10 mins.

And if you think “10 min is a bullshit thing”, what is going to happen in just 10 mins, then tell me how you will be working Ahead of these 10 mins without learning to make these 10 mins ‘The best shot of yours’. 

See “Those who do push-ups know how hard was that 1st push-up to make, and how many they do today”.

“Initially these 10 mins are gonna be like that 1st Push up for you, filled with difficulties. That is because you have practiced distraction for Years “Everyday”. And Now You Have To Reverse It.” This is a baby step that can bring a big change.

And Try it Anytime. 

You are in class — 1st 10 mins, use a timer and don’t think of anything else other than what is going on in the class. You will be focused for the rest of the class, right after 10 mins. 

You are at any place  — 1st 10 mins, just being in your surrounding without thinking of anything else can set your focus. The more you will practice it the better your focus will get.

Why am I saying to do it in starting?   

Because once you are caught up in distractions, of any kind; It becomes hard to come out. Brain keeps us in a loop.

At the same time, once you are focused on something, there remains less space for any kind of distractions.  

Your focus and quality of life both will be increased day by day.

“TRY” in order to feel the difference in your focus. 

                                   "10 Minutes"- "Every Time"- "In Starting oF Every Single Work"