Have You Ever Stuck with What Someone Said or Did with You? OR in your Failures or Successes?

Ever repeating things in head in a loop. That person did wrong with me. That person said that to me. That thing should not have happened with me.

Take a Light walk in Life — ‘To Live Freely and Happily’Live Happy, Live free, livealot.pro

Life doesn’t always go perfectly.


“Some people say something you take to heart & mind.

“Some people’s certain Actions you take to heart & mind

“Some things you make effort for don’t happen.”

 “That person said that”                                                                                                   “That person did that”

When we are in habit of holding on we repeat these thoughts occasionally in our life. While moving in life, some relations and some situations are goona go that way where you will be like “this thing shouldn’t have happened this way”. And being in habit of holding on means as you will move ahead in life that baggage will increase.

“No of People”, “No of Things”, “No of Scenes” will increase.

You will be burdened with these past things and think for a moment walking with lots of baggage on your shoulder ‘How does that look like’. Walk gets heavy. In the same way your present journey gets heavy when you carry things, scenes, or what someone said or did with you.

Now imagine walking with nothing on your shoulder. It feels so lite and free.

When there is no baggage of past scenes, what someone said or what someone did.           When there is no baggage to change those things or to respond to that past differently going back.                                                                                                               How Living in Present looks like. How your life looks like now.

And it happens when you don’t mind things much, you don’t care much of it.                   When you Start taking things lightly in life.                                                               When you Start taking things so lightly that they stop bothering you.

When you start using this Language for past things, scenes, situations.

 That’s O.k, It’s fine, Nothing Big”

This thing is true with the success and failures too.

If you mind failures much, you repeat, “If that would have changed, my life would be different”. And saying this you create a lack in present.

Saying “If that would have changed, my life would be different” or thought of changing the past means you are not contended in present and subconsciously you are saying “You lack something right now that’s why you want to go back and change something that will bring a difference in the present and then you will be O.K, means you are not in relax with your past. And if you are not relaxed with what had been you can’t be relaxed in what is.”

Remember “You have the power to make a difference in the future but not in the past.”

Most of the time it’s not the past we want to change but we want a changed present and changed future when that past changes. So here problem is not your past. But it is your present. You are not living a life you thought you should be living this day and that’s why you want to change your past.

Take actions that can change your present and that can change your future. Sometimes we are after a certain feeling, a certain emotion, a certain sense of accomplishment attached to that past that either you felt before or thought that you will feel if certain things happen your way.

So either you free yourself from those feelings, emotions, that sense that you would get when something has happened your way (this brings you to peace with the past).

Or take action in present to create a present and future that seems fulfilling to you.

Also don’t mind Anything much. Be it success, be it failure, be it people, be what they did to you, be what they said to you. Learn to take everything lightly. So lightly that anything stops bothering you.

“Just Enjoy Your Journey.”

Life is not in any end goal. “Be it any specific achievement”                                                                                      “Be it a specific compliment”

Most of the part of life is doing i.e. Your Actions. As long as you enjoy doing part life is great. As long as you enjoy your actions ‘you don’t do anything wrong’, you enjoy your life in different contentment level.

How you live moment by moment matters. That’s what makes your and other people coming in touch with you their life beautiful.

When we have big things in life. It’s stupid to care about small things. That’s why I want you to stop thinking about those little things that you know are little still you give them way too much thought.

        You Mind Past – You Kill Present.                                                                        You Don’t Mind Past – You Live Present.

So Choose To Live Present.

You can only give others what you have got inside. Remember a situation where you were sad and a person’s genuine smile at you brought a natural smile on your face. Because someone was happy they were able to ignite the same within you. The same we do with the others whether we are happy or sad.

  “Stop minding things in Life” — “Live Free”

Live a Thug Life. Ta Da, Da Da Da.