Have you ever thought   “What if you are healthy all the time.”

                                     “What If You Never Fall ill Ahead in Your Life.”

                                     “What if you are Always Energetic.”

Such a life could be a dream for you, but it will not remain just dream anymore.Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Livealot.pro

1st and the most important asset you have is your health. And often people neglect their health and mostly for work. 

Waking up late; Running for work, missing breakfast, not having 10 minutes to exercise in a day, not reflecting upon life, not meditating that helps in increasing will-power and then struggling for that will entire day and in many more ways.


Here something to understand is – What ignoring health can cost you; Nothing else can cost much. 

Falling ill at wrong times like during exams, important meetings, working on some deadline can cost much more than the time you save entire session by putting health at bay.  

And so you shouldn’t put your health at bay instead bring it to light. 💡  

Your overall health consists of 4 areas.

1. Physical Health        2. Mental Health   

3. Emotional Health      4. Spiritual Health

What Roles Each Health Play In Your Life

  1.  Physical Health gives you an ability to work for hours.
  2.  Mental Health decides the quality of work you will be doing.
  3.  Emotional Health plays an important part in your social life and relations. 
  4.  Spiritual Health leads to an all-around well-being of your body, mind, and soul.          

But Every health affects all 3 others and so is affected by all others.

  • You can never have a relaxed body with a stressed mind. Or a relaxed mind in a stressed body. It replicates. 
  • Mental stress leads to Physical ailments like — Heart diseases, high blood pressure, weakened immune system, upset gut, sleep problems etc.
  • Stress or tiredness do affect your emotions. All the -ve emotions start coming up. You become sadden, irritable, start feeling low in yourself.
  • Low emotions lead to -ve thinking pattern which affects almost every area of life.

So it becomes important for you to develop all around health and to create a healthy lifestyle for you. “As you can even enjoy anything in your life only when you are healthy.” 

“And you can work well only when you are healthy.”

And at the end of the day either you are or you are not and reason could be ignoring health.

So come on to a journey of being healthy with me.

From food to exercise, emotions to sound sleep; balancing health in work life. 

                                                                                                      Stay Connected